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viernes, 23 de mayo de 2014

Funny Soccer

Funny Soccer

Like most sports, soccer has its funny moments. Maybe it is because soccer is a kind of sport that involves physical contact. And as with other sports that involve physical contacts, some of these funny soccer moments are captured on films and videos. The internet is probably the best place to look for funny soccer video clips and pictures. Browse or surf the internet. Searching for funny soccer video clips and pictures is easy. Just use your favorite search engine and you will get a list of websites featuring funny soccer video clips and pictures. Listed below are the top websites on the internet that offers funny soccer pictures and video clips:

SoccerClips SoccerClips has lots of video clips, pictures and wallpapers on football and soccer. Television soccer commercials and soccer music are even featured. Their soccer archives are updated regularly. Visitors of this site can also upload their own funny soccer videos clips and pictures.

Funny Games Funny Games has some of funny soccer video clips and pictures from soccer fans. This website also features video games and jokes.

Google ( The search engine “Google.Com” has its own collection of funny soccer video clips and images. You can also search for some funny anecdotes and jokes about soccer.

Big Soccer An online website for soccer football fanatics, it has the most recent pictures of the World Cup; some are funny enough, some are not. This site also has articles on the most recent news in the soccer world.

Toon Jokes ( This website has some funny soccer jokes and pictures. Although their soccer related pictures, video clips and joke are limited they are quite funny nonetheless. Soccer Jokes ( Soccer Jokes has loads of funny soccer jokes. Soccer Jokes has a large array of soccer jokes about soccer subjects like celebrity soccer players, soccer referees, soccer fans and soccer teams. Soccer Jokes also has lots of soccer songs and chants for various soccer teams. Soccer Jokes feature quotations, anecdotes, limericks and girls and women in the soccer sport world. This website is very much recommended to all those soccer football fanatics who want to have a few laughs. Just browse through the Soccer Jokes’ categories and have a good laugh.

Browsing through the Internet for funny soccer stuff is easy and fun too. You will surely enjoy the funny soccer jokes, pictures, videos and humors that you will find. Just sit back, let your mouse do the clicking and you will have laughs.

miércoles, 7 de mayo de 2014


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lunes, 5 de mayo de 2014

Atlético de Madrid takes the lead despite losing this da

Atletico de Madrid holds the initiative in the fight for the title belts despite losing unexpectedly with the Levante (2-0), since the draw Real Madrid against Valencia (2-2) facilitates the work, although he rehabilitates in part some options of Barcelona, which also failed to move the 2-2 against Getafe.

A day after the unexpected prick against Barcelona (2-2), the Levante and Valencia staged a surprising results against Atletico (2-0) and Real Madrid (2-2). It was a Sunday strangest and calculators to full operation.

Atletico are four points of being champion. You will now receive the Malaga and visit Barcelona on the last day in the Camp Nou, which had relied on itself for not having tied to breaking the Real Madrid vs Valencia.

Simeone is the only one that depends on itself, but if Barcelona and Real Madrid to win everything that is left will be this last which is crowned.

The most Famous Soccer Players

Famous footballers
The football game is one of the most popular sports in the world. In recent years, he produced some notable players. Here are some of the largest and most famous of the world football player ever. Pele

"Edson Arantes do Nascimento" or better known as "Pele" the first soccer player ever was achieved three medals in the World Championships and several other football records. Referred to as "The King of football". If not is one of the most famous football as the most famous. It shocked the world with its amazing handling ability of the balloon. Pelé is a well-known name among soccer players and fans to football around the world. Pele is known for his speed and his strong shot. You have these amazing skills for a small man. Pelé rose from poverty through the sport of football. It is an inspiration to the young players in the world. Ronaldo

Ronaldo Luiz Nazario de Lima, or more popularly became known among lovers of football as "Rai", as one of the famous players of all time. He has great speed, dribbling, ball, skill and excellent goal scoring instinct. Ronaldo was born in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. As most famous footballers he learned in the streets of his native district play football. Ronaldo is considered to be one of the best strikers in football. You can overcome almost all defenders. It will be played in Brazil and is considered one of the best players in football today.


David Robert Joseph Beckham player in football is nowadays one of the most famous. It is one of the few, the 100 gigs or more (United European Football Association) UEFA made Champions League. And the only English footballers is always result in three different world cups. David Beckham midfielder is considered one of the best for the British team to play. David Beckham United at the age of sixteen years played for Manchester.

Zinedine Zidane

Zinédine Yazid Zidane is currently one of the most famous players in the world. Zidane is one of the best players in football in this generation. It has great dribbling, passing skills and balance and to all top that has excellent shooting skills. Their playing styles are not striking. It has this simple and elegant football playing styles, which made him famous and a great football player. You can look some difficult movements just make. France recently gave a '1-0 victory over Portugal to secure a place in the soccer World Championship 2006. France meets Italy. But he officially announced that he 2006 would retire after the World Cup.

the future of Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo

miércoles, 30 de abril de 2014

Selection of soccer of Brazil in the world

Selection of soccer of Brazil in the world

The Brazil national football team is the national team of the world's most powerful

The common occurrence of football is: "the English invented it, perfected the Brazilians". And the joke is not far from the truth, it is generally considered that the Brazil national football team is the national team stronger in the world and is the only team to play in every event of the World Cup. With five FIFA world cup victories including the most recent in 2002, Brazil football team enjoys being the most successful football team.

Despite the dominance of the team in recent years, the national team of Brazil had serious performance problems in its early years. Brazil was far from being one of the richest countries in South America. The infighting and the lack of adequate funding resulted in the performance of the sub par team. In both 1930 and 1934 tournaments, the Brazil soccer team was beaten in the early stages, until it got the club back in 1938 Leonidas da Silva. But even so, the national team of Brazil was far from reputation, especially in that embarrassing moment when Brazil hosted the 1950 World Cup. Despite batteries of likely favorable in their favor, they still have a beating of Uruguay in a game later known as "Maracanzo."

When Pele joined the 1958 football team Brazil for the World Cup in Sweden, Brazil also made his first mark in history. Pele, along with other outstanding players such as Didi, Garrincha and Zito entered the tournament, Evert giants like Italy and Wales to beat Sweden in a 5-2 final match. Although be grouped with teams harder from the beginning including England, USSR and Austria, they managed to maintain relentless pressure. The Soviet Union match was known for the "greatest three minutes in the history of football" where Pelé gave Brazil the lead.

Years of football of Brazil was concerned again when political influences affected the national team of Brazil. They had the worst performance in all the world cups but Pelé playing most of the tournament.

Brazil's 1970 football team was considered the best national team ever. It was this time when Brazil also won his third title in the World Cup. With Pelé, Carlos Alberto, Jairzinho, Tostao, Gerson and Rivelino, Brazil won the Jules Rimet Trophy and keep it forever. This was also the last of the Pele World Cup appearance.

The success of the national team of Brazil was repeated 24 years later at the World Cup United States where won in a definition on penalties. It was then repeated in the Korea-Japan 2002 with the "three Rs." World Cup (Ronaldo, Rivaldo and Ronaldinho) raising the Brazilian flag.

It is often a case of amazement that the streets of Brazil could beat occasionally to an individual who would not fail to become one of the best players in football. Pele, Rivaldo and currently the best Ronaldo soccer player, all of them had their share of these streets. As to what these streets always remain as magic would be a mystery.

Champions League Chelsea VS Atlético de Madrid

The Champions League, ahead today one of the matches more exciting League. Mourinho chelsea against Atletico simeone. 

Will be tonight don't miss, yesterday Real Madrid remove forcefully to the Bayern of Pep Guardiola, tough defeat at home of Bayern 0-4. After this match the mood of the white will climb through the roof. Now it's up to the athletics, will mind. If you want to continue reading my comments subscribe to my blog to be informed of all the details, soon we'll talk about cup of the world, where the best ranked teams from all continents of the world will face.

La liga de campeones, nos depara hoy uno de los partidos mas emocionantes de la liga. El chelsea de Mourinho contra en Atlético de simeone. Sera esta tarde no te lo pierdas, ayer el Real Madrid elimino con contundencia al Bayern de Pep Guardiola, dura derrota en casa de Bayern 0-4. Tras este partido el ánimo de los blancos va a subir por las nubes. Ahora le toca a los Atléticos, vamos Ánimo. Si quieres seguir leyendo mis comentarios suscríbete a mi blog para estar informado de todo los detalles, proximamente hablaremos de la copa del mundo, donde se enfrentaran los mejores equipos clasificados, de todos los continentes del mundo.

jueves, 24 de abril de 2014

El chiste del pepsi y maria de las galletas

Chiste del pepsi y maria de las galletas.